New polyurethane board for foundry applications - LAB 1360

Axson Technologies recently developped a polyurethane board for foundry applications. A new machinable board with improved CTE of 55 (10-6*K-1) and at the same time high Tg of 90 °C is designed for foundry applications like core boxes, foundry patterns and any other tools made in numerical control.

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See our new Methacrylate adhesive A300-1 and A310-1

With the new Methacrylate technology, the A300-1  and A310-1 allow a fast bonding, without the use of a primer. This new versions of A300  and A310 offer a significant improvment of Lap shear Strength and Peel Strength making the bonding of dissimilar materials (i.e. : metal/composite ; plastic/metal ; etc), of electrogalvanised steel, of thermoplastics and hard materials possible.

Technical Data Sheet A300-1Technical Data Sheet A310-1

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Axson recently developed some products dedicated to high performance composite applications and exclusively launched and promoted during  the JEC 2015.

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Axson receives renewal of certification ISO 14001

2015: Axson receives renewal of certification ISO 14001 and new certification OHSAS 18001

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New! Adekit H9011 - multipurpose epoxy adhesive

The new structural adhesive Adekit H9011 is perfect for bonding materials in common use: metal, ceramic, glass, rubber, rigid plastics.

It is suitable for most industrial and artisanal applications.

Translucent, easy to use, long pot life... see more on flyer!

Technical datasheet

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New Prolab Glue! The dedicated adhesive for Prolab machinable boards

Replacing old Procol 2, find the New Prolab Glue especially developed for the bonding of Axson's Prolab range of machinable boards.
Prolab Glue offers several benefits:
- Ready to use packaging
- Same hardness as Prolab
- Quick setting - Milling same day
- and others!
Have a look on the flyer and technical data sheet to know more.
Technical Data Sheet

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