Announcing the Release PFR-405

SikaAxson US is excited to announce the release of PFR-405: our new, flame-retardant (FAR 25.853a), high heat-resistant, lightweight, and styrene-free polyester filler. PFR-405 meets FST standards and is RoH’s and REACH SVHC compliant. It has outstanding bonding and filling properties, minimal shrinkage, and excellent shelf life. This polyester filler is ideal for filling porosity, surface blemishes, and cloth impression on prepreg, wet layup or infused composites; repairing broken or cracked areas; refinishing interior or exterior parts; as well as edge fill and panel close out. Please review the attached flyer for additional information.

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Introducing PX 523

SikaAxson US is proud to introduce PX 523 - our newly developed Polyurethane Casting System for transparent prototypes and crystal clear glass-like parts. PX 523 is mercury-free, easily tintable / pigmentable, and is easy to process. The system features high heat transparency, high heat resistance and flexural modulus, very good impact resistance, UV stability, and exceptional reproduction accuracy. Applications include crystal clear glass-like parts for models, fashion, jewelry, stianed glass repair, art, decoration parts, and automotive lenses.

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